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"Wisdom Eye" data acquisition system upgrade

Time of publication:2020-10-23 17:17

Keep pace with the times and boost the intelligent development of oil and gas fields

————"Wisdom Eye" data acquisition system upgrade


Our self-developed " Wisdom Eye" data acquisition system has been well received by users since it entered the market in 2014. In the process of system application, in view of the demand of automation and digitization in oil and gas fields, our company has made unremitting efforts to increase R & D investment, and has made gratifying achievements recently.


Our company has hired a professional industrial design company to upgrade the software and hardware of the system, so as to adapt to the continuous improvement in the field of acquisition, monitoring, transmission, control and other aspects of the demand.


More convenient installation: stable clasp design, anti-corrosion, explosion-proof and stronger heat dissipation

More abundant interfaces: Poe network port, two wire system, three wire system and four wire system analog interface

More stable transmission: upgraded to wireless dual-mode transmission, greatly enhancing the transmission reliability and transmission distance

System function upgrade

In addition to upgrading the hardware, "insight" data acquisition system has also made great changes in the software, adding automatic control module, flow chart module, mobile app, etc., which is in line with the actual situation of the site, reducing the workload and risk of field operation.

Automatic control module

The automatic control module includes: automatic control of Wellhead Surface safety valve, remote control of manifold valve, remote control of desander / chip catcher electric valve (hydraulic valve), automatic control of separator liquid level.

Flow chart module


  • Remote control of Wellhead Surface safety valve
  • Automatic shut in of separator overpressure, separator liquid level monitoring and automatic adjustment
  • Remote control of high pressure valve (electric or hydraulic valve)
  • Power nozzle / adjustable nozzle opening adjustment
  • Remote control valves, separators and other equipment in the flow chart


Mobile app

  • Remote monitoring, alarm and abnormal prompt of mobile phone or tablet computer
  • Real time monitoring of monitoring point data and valve status