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Chuanqing Shale Gas Intelligent Water Supply System On Line

Time of publication:2020-07-08 14:20

System Topology

Weiyuan XX Platform System Flow Chart

 Field Cabinet Lnstallation Drawing

Construction Site Drawing

The fracturing field water supply system developed by Chengdu Shidai huidao Technology Co., Ltd. is an automatic control system developed according to the actual demand of water transfer and water supply in the fracturing field.

Sichuan and Chongqing fracturing operation site has the characteristics of large available water, large water transfer volume and long operation cycle. Previously, the water transfer was only completed by manually switching pumps and valves, which has the defects of high labor intensity, high operation risk and high labor cost. Our company has fully considered various factors and developed an automatic water supply system. The automatic water supply system monitors the liquid level of the pool and water tank through the liquid level meter, and then realizes the automatic water transfer from the pool to the water tank or from the water tank to the pool according to the liquid level, which realizes the intellectualization and automation, saves a lot of human and material resources cost for users, and reduces the valve misoperation and accident rate. The system has powerful function, stable performance, hierarchical authority management, and synchronous remote monitoring of operation site, command center, conference room and monitoring center.